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Life on Venus: Conversation 1

Life on Venus is a conversational magazine. We aim to influence positive change by having open conversations. 

Our first conversation is on sustainable fashion. 

Through conversation one we strive to make the fashion industry more circular, more diverse and move slower. Venus is the warmest planet in the solar system. This is due to her being the most volcanic; she is an isothermal planet. Life on Venus aims to erupt the fashion industry.


Venus moves slowly

One day on Venus is longer than a year. Life on Venus is all about promoting slow fashion as an alternative to fast fashion.


Fast fashion brands turn over more than 52 trends a year. Attacking our constant need for more. Life on Venus challenges that and calls for more considered slower consumption.


Venus has a diverse terrain

It is an isothermal planet meaning it has a very volcanic landscape.


Life on Venus wants to erupt the fashion industry. Calling on brands to create more diverse marketing and to celebrate models of different sizes, races and genders 


Venus has a super rotating atmosphere

The surface rotates slowly but the winds blow at hurricane force. This creates extreme pressure.

Life on Venus calls for you all to put more pressure on fast fashion retailers. Email, write and ask who made my clothes? We want transparency within the industry to understand how our clothes are made and who is making them.


On Venus there are no seasons

Throughout its year the temperature remains fairly constant. It doesn't vary between night and day. 


Life on Venus is asking you to consider a more capsule wardrobe. One that moves through all the seasons. The scary thought though is brands turn over upwards of 52 'seasons' a year; some turning over 2/3 a week. Each year we are subjected to more and more trends. 


Venus has the most circular orbit

She is also nearly a perfect sphere.


Life on Venus calls for a more circular fashion economy. The linear take, make dispose model isn't working for our planet. A circular economy would mean our fashion isn't thrown away and we would learn to love, repair and protect our clothing. 

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